Friday, March 27, 2009


Precious is officially a LARSEN!!!!

Is that not the very best news ever?

Now I can book my plane tickets and go to Ghana. I will be leaving on Tuesday morning, arrive in Accra Wednesday morning, and file our I600 paper work Wednesday after noon. While that is being approved I will be working on getting her a visa.

My sister in law Cheryl is also going to go to Ghana with me. I so excited for her to meet her 3 girls. My brother Brant and Cheryl are going to adopt Precious's 3 older sisters. She will be able to hand deliver her dossier (all the paper work required to adopt) to Kingsley. I'm so glad she will be there with me. I was a little nervous being there by myself. We hope to do some sight seeing with the girls, and hopefully we can meet with their birth mother.

Great things are happening, I am so blessed!!

This picture is of Precious and her sisters.

Sandra, Dorthy, Paulina, and Precious. Aren't they all so beautiful.


Steve and Narda said...

You just made my day!!! I'm so happy for you and I hope this is good news for tow other families as well. I'll need to give you both a call to get you ready for your adventure in Ghana. Congratulations!!!!!

FriĆ°rikssonS (and Parents) said...

If Samuel weren't sleeping just a foot away I would be SCREAMING!!!!! in joy for you!!! I am so so so so happy!!!
I have been praying desperately for you and cannot imagine the grief you must have been feleing over the past month!!!!!
I am so ecstatic for you!!!!!

SugarHouse Mama said...

YEAH!!!!!! I'm SOOOO happy for you! I KNEW that was going to be your wonderful news - I just KNEW IT! I'm seriously so excited right now!

Smith Family said...

That IS great, wonderful, fantastic news! We are SO SO happy for you guys!

Kristine said...

I am so excited for all of you! This is such awesome news! I can't wait to meet her!

Lois said...

I LOvE making the good news phone calls, it makes up for all the time you didn't want to hear my voice :) I am overjoyed for your family, it's been a rollercoaster - but for three additional reasons!
I adore all of these girls!

MommyBrec said...

This is just the BEST news! OH I AM SO HAPPY FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!! I am just so amazed at how God works...God is good...He is SO GOOD!! To think Cheryl and Brant are adopting the three older sisters so the four sisters can all stay "family" and continue knowing where each other is and being able to spend time together...I just want to scream I am so happy and excited...But I won't because Taiger is resting! ;) Good luck getting ready to leave for Ghana! WooHoo!!!!

The Hullingers said...


I'm jumping up and down for you, and Stephanie, I let out a loud enough scream for both of us!!!

The girls are all beautiful, and I'm sure they are all thrilled to be coming to your family!

We need another WOOHOO!!!!!!

Parkinson Family said...

That is fantstic news! Congratulations! How amazing that Precious's sisters have a wonderful home now too! Your little Precious is absolutely darling!

Cama Cathrae said...

Yay! That is wonderful! I can't wait for her to be home in Idaho!