Friday, March 27, 2009


Precious is officially a LARSEN!!!!

Is that not the very best news ever?

Now I can book my plane tickets and go to Ghana. I will be leaving on Tuesday morning, arrive in Accra Wednesday morning, and file our I600 paper work Wednesday after noon. While that is being approved I will be working on getting her a visa.

My sister in law Cheryl is also going to go to Ghana with me. I so excited for her to meet her 3 girls. My brother Brant and Cheryl are going to adopt Precious's 3 older sisters. She will be able to hand deliver her dossier (all the paper work required to adopt) to Kingsley. I'm so glad she will be there with me. I was a little nervous being there by myself. We hope to do some sight seeing with the girls, and hopefully we can meet with their birth mother.

Great things are happening, I am so blessed!!

This picture is of Precious and her sisters.

Sandra, Dorthy, Paulina, and Precious. Aren't they all so beautiful.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Going To Ghana

Okay so here our adoption update. I have hesitated posting because nothing has been happening, at least with getting Precious home.
I hope to be leaving around the 29th. Kingsley promises that everything will be ready to file our I 600 while I'm there, hopefully get Precious a visa, and bring her home. I will be traveling by myself. I'm kind of nervous about being in Ghana without my family, but I'm also so excited to see our little girl. The Pearson family will be in Ghana at the same time, so that makes me feel a lot better.
Again, I ask for your prayers that everything will go smoothly with the paper work, that we will be safe, and that Precious can finally come home.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Adoption Update

We are scheduled for another court date Thursday, March 12th. We are praying for everything to go smoothly, and that we get an adoption decree. I will then go to Ghana and file our I 600.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Precious will be home by the first part of April. I miss her so much!!!

Here is another picture of our little sweetie.