Friday, February 6, 2009

Third Times The Charm

If you remember, I posted we were supposed to have our court date in Ghana on Jan. 30. We had to reschedule because some people showed up late, and the session had already begun. So our court date was set for today. But this time the judge didn't show up, he had a death in his family. So needless to adoption decree. Our court date has been rescheduled for Tuesday Feb. 10. We could really use your prayers that things will go well on Tuesday.

As soon as we hear that we have an adoption decree we plan on traveling to Ghana to file our I600 paper work. Bart and I, Brock, Bryce and Alyssa are planning on going, we won't be able to bring Precious home with us. But we are excited about going to meet her, I can't wait to hold her and kiss her sweet cheeks. We will also doing some sight seeing, and help at the school/orphanage. We are all very anxious to go.

On the brighter side of things we did receive some new pictures of Precious last week. I can't believe how much her hair has grown. Looks like it should be fun to braid.


Steve and Narda said...

Lots of Prayers that all goes well on Tuesday. Hopefully we can get there in time to file the I600 on the 17th. It will be so much fun to be in Ghana at the same time and see these beautiful kids. It will be such an experience for your kids to be able to go with you.

Cama Cathrae said...

I have been sitting on the edge of my seat. Waiting to hear how things are going. I can't wait to hear more. I love you guys!!! My prayers are always with you!

Serena said...

How are things going? I hope everything goes smoothly. You and Bart are amazing parents. Your children are beautiful!!

Cama Cathrae said...

Okay, so I am dieing for an update!!! Also, I may be over in a week or two to see Grandpa Palmer. I am kind of waiting to see when Mom and Dad will be there when they get back. I would love to steal one or two of your kiddos for a photo shoot. I know it is still really cold there but I am dieing to do some shooting. Love ya!!!