Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am so excited!!! Great things are happening in Ghana.

First off, Stephanie who is also adopting from Luckyhill, left for Ghana on Sunday. Her plan is to stay in Ghana and be with her boys until their adoption is competed and the boys can come home. The blessing for us is, she will be able to spend some time with Precious too. From what I have heard she has some video of Precious for us. But when she went to the internet cafe, the internet wasn't working. Go figure. She has talked with her husband, and this is the information that he has passed on to us.

**Precious was described as a wall flower, very shy, but she smiles a lot. She does come up to Stephanie and holds her hand, then she will look away before she speaks to her. She has already given away one of her bracelets (although I am not sure which one), but the one that she had is a little too big for her.**

I sent a little dress and 2 bracelets, they fit Ashlynn, but apparently they don't fit Precious.

The other exciting news is......We should be finished with the court process by the end of next week!!!! This means that Precious will be offically ours!!!! It also means we will be traveling to Ghana soon, to be able to meet our little Precious for the first time!!!!

So I ask that you will please, please, include us in your prayers. PRAY that our case passes court with flying colors, and that Precious will get her passport.

I will keep you posted!!!


Steve and Narda said...

It's hard to control the excitement. I'm not suprised with her bracelet being a little small after seeing Adjoa the other day. She's smaller than I thought and Jessica would say that she was quite tall compared to some of the other kids. Our prayers are with you. I hope we are all traveling soon.

Smith Family said...

What an exciting time! Can't wait for her to join your family! Thanks for keeping us updated!

Jackie said...

I cannot WAIT to meet this addition to the family. We will remember you in our prayers.

Cama Cathrae said...

I went to Stephanie's blog and saw the picture with her in it. I immediately started to cry. Then I came back to your blog and read the rest of your story and am sobbing like a baby. Oh how I hope everything goes well and I can't wait to see and hold her!!! Okay, so I have to leave your blog because I am still crying but am so excited for her and you!!!