Thursday, October 8, 2009

Three Years

Ashlynn has been home with us for 3 years. It seems strange, it feels like she has been with us forever. It has been so awesome to see her blossom into the sweet little girls she is.
She fooled us though, we were able to visit her 2 times in Haiti, each visit lasted about a week. She would never smile, talk, laugh, or look us in the eye. The only time I ever seen a little hint of a smile is when I was kissing her neck, it must have tickled her because she let out a quite little laugh and a small smile, and then it was gone.
After being home for less than 2 days, she was a totally different child. She would smile, laugh, play, dance, want to be snuggled and kissed. She still does all of these things, plus she talks nonstop. This is Ashlynn's referral picture. When we looked at this picture of her we knew that she was ours!!
When you are going through an adoption you look so forward to any new information and new photos!! Here are a few more of her in Haiti.

In October of 2005, Bart, Lindsey and I went to Haiti to meet Ashlynn (Mitchelina).

I remember how excited I was to be able hold her, and kiss her checks. She was so tiny, so much smaller than I expected her to be. We stayed with her for a week. We were able to take her to the hotel with us, and have her with us all the time. It was so great!!! But then it can time to say good bye. How does a mother leave her child, and go home. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I cried like a baby, and ached to hold her in my arms.

It took us 18 months to get Ashlynn home. This is Ashlynn on the airplane leaving Haiti.

It is hard to believe that this is the same little girl, after only a few months home.
And here she is today. What a beautiful, sweet, smart, and sometimes stubborn little girl. I'm so blessed to be able to be her mom. I love this girl so much!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back To School

Our children start school today. I can't believe how fast the summer went!
I have such mixed emotions about sending Hannah to kindergarten. In one breath I think, she is used to attending school, but on the other hand she has only been home for just over a month and a half. I wish we had a little more time with her adjusting to life in good old Hamer. I guess the good thing is that she will only go half a day, and then I will be able to spend some good one on one time with her.

Ashlynn will be in 1st grade! She wasn't at all excited for school to start. Her and Hannah have had such a great time playing together. As a mother I worry.... I worry about her being in school all day..... I worry about her eating her school lunch, she is such a picky eater. I may end up making her a lunch to take to school. I don't look forward to that. She is a smart girl and will do great. Both her and Hannah had their hair done for school. Aren't they both so cute!

Alyssa will be in the 6th grade. She is growing up so fast. She was excited and nervous to go back to school, she will have a strick teacher who expects alot from her students, but she's up for the challenge.

Bryce will be a senior this year. Where did that time go!!! He loves, loves, loves school. He is very smart, and is not at all humble about it. He will have a busy year, he is student body president, and is a national officer for BPA, plus he is a 4.0 student.

Since our children first started school I have always taken their pictures on the first day of school. I think they are pretty darn good looking, if I do say so myself.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Introducing Hannah Precious Larsen

What an amazing little girl!! We are so glad to finally have her home!!!
We have had a busy three weeks, but it has been so much fun.
Here are a few pictures of activities over the past few weeks.

Our plane ride home!!
After 3 1/2 weeks in Ghana I was so excited.

Hannah, Ashlynn, and Brynlee in their matching pj's.

Hannah's first helicopter ride with Dad, she loved it!!

Bubble Baths!!!!

All American Girls.....well sort of

Hannah and Ashlynn started swimming lessons on July 6th. They lasted 2 weeks. Both girls did amazing. They both love being in the water, they are like little fish.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I just wanted to update everyone. We flew into Salt Lake last night, with two very sweet little girls, Precious and Sandra. They did so great on both flights, and were very excited and some what shy to see their families. I will post more later on my adventure in Ghana later. I just wanted to share the GOOD news.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guess Where I'm Going????

I'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count.

If your guess was GHANA, you win!!

Our adoption is finally done!! Kingsley has our decree in his hand!!!!
It still seems too good to be true. But we have a daughter waiting for us in Ghana.

I will be leaving on Sunday morning. I can't wait to get my arms around our sweet little Precious. I can't express how much I appreciate Kingsley, he has worked so hard to get this adoption done. At times it seemed it would never happen, but Heavenly Father had a plan. The first time I looked at this picture of Precious, I knew she was ours.
It has been 8 months, an emotional roller coaster ride with highs and lows. But I always knew it would happen, and she would be part of our family. As Kingleys always says, God is good. He is very good.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Someone Needs Your Star

I love this song!!! My daughter Lindsey had me listen to it on Saturday, she said it made her think of the children at Luckyhill. So I decided to put some pictures to the music. The song is by Jenny Phillips. I hope you all enjoy.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I was just talking with Bryce, saying that I needed to update my blog, but I don't know what to write about. His comment was "Mom, you don't have to blog only about Precious. You could blog about me!!" So here is a post about Bryce.

Such a cute baby, don't you think?

Bryce is a very sound sleeper, a bomb could go off and he wouldn't even flinch. That's why he wet the bed until he was 15 years old. Ha Ha! Just kidding.

I hope that doesn't embarrass you too much Bryce.

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Be careful what you ask for Bryce.